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Support - Antech Reporting
1. Where is the location of Layout Files?
It should be under C:\Documents and Settings\[User Name]\Application Data\Antech Reporting
2. Can I edit those Xml Files under the above mentioned location?
It is advised not to edit those files manually but if you familiar with the files and have understood how this application works you can edit it. Please make a back up before you edit it.
3. Trial version is expired? What should I do?
You have to buy the license to use it any further. Please email us at
4. Can I buy convert a Lite Edition to a Multiuser Edition?
No. Though the Front End looks the same but the backed is different. Multiuser version uses SQL database to store it's information where as Lite Edition uses text based flat files.
5. Can you show us a online demo on how the Lite Edition works?
Yes. Please have the version installed on your machine and make sure you can connect to your machine over broadband using Live Messenger. Please email us at for more info.
6. I want this Reporting Software to work seamlessly with my existing application. Is it possible?
We are developing an Interface (It could be Add-On as well) that could do this which will be available in Later Editions.
7. What database do I need for the Multiuser version?
It works on both SQLEXPRESS and SQL 2005.
8. I need the Multiuser Version to be installed in our place, Can you send someone over to do the installation and Configuration?
We would prefer to do it over the phone with one of your existing IT staff but if you really think we should come over please email for more details.
9. I am a Reseller, One of my client is interested in Reporting Software, How do we proceed from here?
Please email for more details.
10. I need this Reporting Software to be modified, Can you provide us the Source Code?
Since this Software doesn't come under Customized Software the source code will not be released. Any changes have to be done on our side and it will be maintained by us.
11. Can this Software used to replace Excel Pivot Table?
Yes except for the Chartings.
12. I need to make a suggestion for this Product, How do I do it?
If you are an existing user please email us at If it's feasible we would incorporate in our next release.
13. We need a Software like this which should suit our existing environment, Would you be able to write one for us?
Currently we don't especially for the Reporting Software. Reporting Lite and Multiuser version are designed in such a way that it could be used in any existing environment. Do email us your concerns at and we will look into it and if it's feasible and we will include it into our existing version.
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